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Charlotte Technical College Introduces First-Ever Mascot: The Sailfish

Charlotte Technical College (CTC) is thrilled to announce the adoption of its first-ever mascot in the school’s history: the Sailfish. This exciting addition embodies the spirit and values of our institution, enhancing our school identity and fostering a sense of community and pride among students, faculty, and staff.


The Sailfish was chosen as CTC's mascot to symbolize strength, agility, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. As a dynamic and powerful figure in the marine world, the Sailfish perfectly aligns with the core values that define our college. The motto behind the Sailfish, SAIL, encapsulates the guiding principles of our educational environment:

  • Safe and Respectful
  • Always Professional
  • Intellectual
  • Leaders

“The introduction of the Sailfish mascot marks a significant milestone for Charlotte Technical College,” said Cynthia Gulsby, director of CTC. “It reflects our commitment to creating a safe, respectful, and professional environment where intellectual growth and leadership are at the forefront. The Sailfish will serve as a symbol of our collective ambition and determination.”

The adoption of the Sailfish mascot follows a selection process where the collaborative effort ensures that the mascot truly represents the unique spirit and aspirations of Charlotte Technical College.

We invite the entire CTC community and the public to celebrate the introduction of our Sailfish mascot. Together, we will sail toward a future of excellence, guided by the principles of being Safe and Respectful, Always Professional, Intellectual, and Leaders.

About Charlotte Technical College: Charlotte Technical College is dedicated to providing high-quality technical education and training to prepare students for successful careers. With a focus on innovation, hands-on learning, and community engagement, CTC empowers students to achieve their professional and personal goals.