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A Great Start to a Great Year!

Superintendent Vianello, school leaders, and staff welcomed our smiling students back for an exciting school year ahead. The first day was a success with a smooth opening across the district. Thursday, August 10th was the first day of school for approximately 15,000 registered Charlotte County Public School students and July 12th was the first day for approximately 2,000 students at the year-round schools.  澳门今晚最快开奖现场直播 has approximately 17,000 registered students for the 2023-2024 school year which is about 5% more than last year. Although there is a national shortage of teachers, 澳门今晚最快开奖现场直播 is fortunate to have 98% of our classroom teacher positions filled for the start of the school year. We attribute this percentage to the passing of the referendum which enabled 澳门今晚最快开奖现场直播 to have a teacher starting annual salary of $53,939. 澳门今晚最快开奖现场直播 welcomed 208 new staff members (132 new instructional staff and 72 support staff). Additionally, all our bus routes are all filled with qualified bus drivers to start the year. Our Champs Cafe staff served over 3,000 breakfasts and 10,000 lunches. 澳门今晚最快开奖现场直播 parents and guardians have had a busy summer as well accessing our required parent portal accounts and completing digital registration forms. In fact, 76% of all our registered students’ parents have established their Focus parent portal account for the new school year. Just a reminder that if you have not established your Focus parent portal account you can do so from the . 澳门今晚最快开奖现场直播 is looking forward to a school year focused on Student Success!

Students sitting on the floor in a classroom listening to their teacher.